• All products sold by Horngate Pty. Ltd. (the Company) include a guarantee to be functional, as described, at the time of sale for a period of 90 days. Any defects that the Company is aware of before sale will be noted on the receipt and are not covered under this guarantee


  • Should the consumer find a product to be faulty or not as described at the time of sale they may return the item to the Company for assessment


  • The Company will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. Should the product be determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then the Company will:
    • Determine if the fault can be repaired within a reasonable time frame and to an acceptable degree. If not then:​
    • Exchange for another item of equal value. OR
    • Refund the purchase amount in full


  • To take advantage of this guarantee, the customer must provide proof of purchase


  • Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may extend beyond this guarantee